Six Nations Police investigating girl asked to get in van

Six Nations Police are investigating a report of a man asking a 15-year-old girl being  to get into a van parked at the Tim Hortons parking lot in Ohsweken,  a week ago.

Police released the report today saying the incident occurred last Wednesday,  September  6th,  2017,  at  7:30  P.M.,  .

The  girl  had  walked to Tim Hortons when a male standing in the lot asked her  to  get  into  a van.  The male was described as Asian.  The van was a white Ford Econo van.

Frightened,  by  this, the girl went into Tim Hortons.  Inside there were two other  Asian  males  looking at her.  She stood by some adults and the men, once  served,  left.   The  van  was  last  seen  travelling  northbound on Chiefswood  Road.   No  other  description of the men involved was obtained other than they were Asian.

Police said the van returned to Tim Hortons  the next day, Thursday,  September 7th, 2017, at 6:30 A.M., . Police  said they were notified that the van had returned to Tim Hortons.  Officers stopped the van and found  a  number of male occupants, only 2 spoke English.  Officers were unable to determine  if  any  of the occupants were involved in the incident from the day  before.   Police  were  able  to  determine  that the men were migrant workers,  on  the  Territory working on a local tobacco farm, on First Line Road.

The  local tobacco farmer has been cooperative with police as this incident remains under investigation.

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