Confrontation ends with police raid, alleged drug dealer not found

Posted Friday, March 9, 2018 updated 2:50 p.m.

By Lynda Powless and Chris Pimenetel

Turtle Island News writers

Photos by Jim C Powless

Turtle Island News Photographer

SIX NATIONS OF THE GRAND RIVER- Six Nations Police and OPP have taken control of an alleged drug house the site of a six day police firearms investigation that closed a school and the roadway but did not arrest a man believed to be an alleged drug dealer.

Police said they took control of the property at 2130 Cayuga Road, Six Nations at about 10:30 a.m. Friday March 9th, 2018.

Four people were removed from the home but did not include two family members wanted by police Brett Elgin Elliott, 49, and Luella Shalise Elliott-Doxtador, 22. Both have outstanding warrants for their arrest.

Brett Elgin Elliott Sr, 49, is believed to be hold up in his home, the site of alleged drug activity protested by Six Nations community members Sunday March 4, 2018 .

Six Nations Police Chief Glenn Lickers said with  the assistance of Ontario Provincial Police the property was properly  secured.   The  Six  Nations Police will commence the execution of a Search Warrant for firearms.

Six Nations Police Chief Glenn LIckers said police  will  search the property and continue efforts to locate Brett Elliott and Luella Elliott-Doxtador.

Six  Nations  Police  have  not released any details pertaining to the four people removed from the 2130 Cayuga Road residence.

Six Nations Band Councillor Melba Thomas told Turtle Island News she spoke to Brett Elliott Sr., at the Cayuga Road residence Sunday.

Six Nations  Police and a large OPP contingent, including a fully armed tactical unit,  were stationed outside the house since Sunday, with OPP moving in Wednesday at the request of Six Nations Police. The house is the site of an alleged drug dealer . The confrontation was sparked after community members launched an anti-drug protest outside the house believed to be the site of long term drug activity Sunday, March 4, 2018.

OPP land at I.L. Thomas Elementary School. (Photos by Jim C Powless)

OPP Tactical Squad are on scene. (Photos by Jim C. Powless)


Six Nations Police launched a firearms investigation Sunday, March  4th  2018, after Six Nations community members, in a peaceful anti-drug march,   were met by three armed males, police said.

Six Nations Police Chief Glenn Lickers said when members of the group approached the house they were met by 3 armed males. No shots were fired and the community members immediately retreated to the roadway and called police. He said community members provided photos and videos of the incident to police.

Lickers said Community members told police they would remain in the area to ensure something was done. Community members have been holding 24 hour shifts at the site, along with police.  Six Nations Public Works and Fire Department have been blocking the road from traffic.

In a statement released Thursday (today) Police Chief Glenn Lickers said the “patriarch of the family” that resides at this residence has been identified as Brett Elgin Elliott, 49.  Elliott is known to police. He is currently wanted on charges of Possession of a firearm, Assault with intent to resist arrest,  Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, Firearm in a motor vehicle, Flight from police and Possession of stolen property.  Elliott is considered violent and anti-police.

Traffic in the area has been restricted to local residents only, a nearby school, I.L. Thomas Elementary School has

Councillor Melba Thomas talks to members of the household of the controversial house Sunday. (Photo Supplied)

Councillor Melba Thomas talks to members of the household of the controversial house Sunday. One appears to be armed with a bat. (Photo Supplied)

been closed  for the week as a precautionary measure.

A man is seen outside the alleged drughouse carry a gun. (Photo Supplied)

A man is seen outside the alleged drughouse carry a gun. (Photo Supplied)

He said the Six Nations Police Service has requested the assistance of the Ontario Provincial Police “to bring this investigation to a successful conclusion.”

At present, the residents in that immediate area are not at risk, he said.

A large OPP tactical unit has been on the scene for the past two days, OPP helicopters have been surveying the area and landed at the nearby school Thursday for a brief period.

OPP  negotiators were able to speak to members of the household who came out onto the porch Thursday March  8, 2018. OPP  transported two individuals from the household but have not indicated if they are going to an OPP or Six Nations Police detachment.

Anyone  with  any  information  on  the  location  of  either  of  the  two individuals are asked to contact Six Nations Police Service 519-445-2811 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or

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