Six Nations man faces 61 charges after six day manhunt

By Lynda Powless

Turtle Island News Editor

A 49-year-old Six Nations man,  who faced off with anti-drug protesters at his home on Cayuga Road sparking a nine day manhunt across Six Nations before he was caught last week has been held in custody  and is now facing 61 criminal charges  all stemming from the incident.  The charges range from fire arm  offences to possession of stolen vehicles valued at over $5,000 and more  but no charges to date have been drug related.

Brett Elgin Elliott is in custody.

Brett Elgin Elliott is in custody.

Brett Elgin Elliott Sr.  appeared in Brantford Court for a Bail Hearing  Friday  (March 16 2018)  morning in relation to the 61 criminal charges stemming from the incident that began March 4th, 2018.  Elliott also had 3 other outstanding warrants for his arrest. The bail hearing was put over to next week.

Police said Friday, Brett Elliott Sr., was arrested Tuesday, March 13th, 2018, by O.P.P. tactical units and the Six Nations Police Service.  “Elliott’s arrest was the culmination of events that began on Sunday, March 4th 2018, when Elliott, armed with a firearm, confronted a group of community members,” a police statement said.

On March 4th a group of community members held a peaceful anti-drug march in front of Elliott’s Cayuga Road home and walked onto his property.  Once on the property Councillor Melba Thomas  was met by three armed men,  one who carried a bat, including Elliott on the porch of his home.  When community members reported the incident to police  a six day manhunt began.

On Friday, March 9th, 2018, Six Nations Police, with tactical support from the O.P.P. executed a search warrant at the Elliott residence at 2130 Cayuga Road.  Four family members were removed from the property.  Brett Elliott Sr. was not one of them.  Later on that same date, acting on information as to Elliott’s whereabouts, a search warrant was executed at a residence at 3644 Sixth Line Road.  Police did not locate Mr. Elliott however 4 loaded firearms were seized.  Criminal charges are pending.

Six Nations Police began receiving information that Elliott was hiding out at a residence on Tuscarora Road.  Six Nations Police set up containment around the property.  On Tuesday morning, March 13th, 2018, as O.P.P. tactical teams moved into place around the residence, Elliott exited the house through a side door and fled into the bush on foot.  O.P.P. TRU members took Elliott into custody in the bush area behind 2201 Third Line Road.  Elliott surrendered without incident.

Police held 3 other warrants for Elliott’s arrest.  The first warrant was for Failing To Comply With Conditions.  The second warrant was for Possession of Stolen Property, Prohibited Firearms, and Fail To Comply With Conditions. The third warrant was for Possession of a Firearm While Prohibited, Flight From Police, Assault Police, Firearm in a Motor Vehicle, Possession of a Weapon For A Dangerous Purpose, Possession of Unauthorized Firearm and Fail To Comply With Conditions.

Elliott now faces 61 new charges.  11 of those charges are in relation to firearms and include Possession of a Weapon for Dangerous Purpose, Careless Use of a Firearm and 9 other firearms charges. 50 charges are in relation to stolen vehicles located on Elliott’s property. They include 48 counts of Possession of Stolen Property Valued Over $5,000.00, and 2 counts of Possession of Stolen Property valued Under $5,000.00.

Elliott’s Bail Hearing that was scheduled for today, Friday March 16th, 2018 has been put over until next week.

Community members and Six Nations Elected Council provided letters to the Six Nations Police Service expressing the communities position that Mr.

Elliott not be released on bail. This information was relayed to the Crown Attorney’s office in Brantford.

The Six Nations Police investigation into others involved in this incident continues as more criminal charges are pending.

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