Peter Khill found not guilty in shooting death of Six Nations man Jon Styres

HAMILTON-The jury found Peter Khill not guilty of second-degree murder and of manslaughter.

Members of the Styres family left the courtroom crying as the verdict came down, along with Peter Khill’s wife.

The incident began on the night of February 4th in 2016, when his girlfriend woke up to a loud knocking sound.

She woke up Khill, and after hearing another two knocks he sprung out of bed, went to his closest and loaded his shotgun with two shells.

After going around the back of the house, Khill went through the breezeway and said he shouted “hey hands up” to Johnathan Styres who was trying to steal his truck.

Khill said that he saw Styres hands raise to gunpoint, and he fired two shots at Styres. One hit him in the chest and the other hit him in the back of the arm.

After the shots were fired Khill said that he patted down Styres and attempted to give him CPR.

His girlfriend, after hearing the shot called 911 and within 6 minutes a Hamilton Police Officer was on scene and attempted to give Styres CPR to save his life, but he was declared dead on the scene.

His defense, lead by Jeffery Manishen claimed that Khill was acting in self-defense and was relying on his military instincts that called for him to be proactive.

However, the crown called Styres death an unnecessary and savage killing, that could have been avoided if he took some time to think about the situation.

The jury was filled with seven men, and five women, with three visible minorities. No visible Indigenous minorities on the jury.

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