Six Nations Police Encourage Safe Hunting

SIX NATIONS OF THE GRAND- Six Nations Police have released a statement encourage safe hunting practices.

During the 2020 hunting season, hunters are becoming more active and police would like to remind everyone of the need for community safety.  Safe hunting practices and firearm safety must be paramount in everyones mind.

Police have received complaints of excessive noise in regards to firearms and remind all to be respectful of your neighbours.  Be aware of the high powered capabilities of some of the firearms used for hunting.  Always be sure of your target and always be aware of what may be behind the target, when hunting.

Please be careful around roadways, schools, public places and residential homes.  Always wear bright  hunting gear to ensure your own safety and be aware and conscious of your surroundings at all times.

Please respect property boundaries and farmers fields.  Hunters must ensure they have the owners permission to be hunting on others property and again, be aware of what’s around the property other than their intended target.

Hunters must be aware that, even though Six Nations schools are not currently occupied due to Covid-19, there may be children outside during the day around schools and schoolyards.  Avoiding areas around a school is the best way to avoid a tragic accident.

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