Halidmand Norfolk tractor convoy told not to come to Six Nations

By Lynda Powless


A map appeared Friday showing the Haldimand Norfolk tractors convoy event that would have taken the convoy through Six Nations.It has since been removed

A Haldimand to Norfolk tractor convoy in support of Ottawa’s truckers have been warned not to attempt to travel on Six Nations roadways after a map appeared on social media Friday, Feb., 4, 2022, showing a route through the community.
Selkirk nurse Janelle Meredith is organizing the tractor convoy after she visited the Ottawa truckers convoy.
While she had different routes to get to Norfolk  from Dunnville, Cayuga and Caledonia one route had planned to take a tractor convoy starting at Caledonia through Six Nations.
But Six Nations Police Chief Darren Montour said she has been warned not to come to Six Nations.
Police Chief Montour said he had received several complaints from community members and spoke with OPP liaison team Friday ( Feb., 4 2022) about the route that appeared on Facebook heading through Six Nations.

“The OPP didn’t know about the Six Nations route,” Police Chief Montour told Turtle Island News.
He said OPP spoke with her and “she told the OPP, she, herself,  isn’t going on the rez. She is going on another route and if Six Nations doesn’t want them, they will have to block the roads.”
He said she would not guarantee any part of the tractor convoy would not travel through Six Nations.

However, Police Chief Montour said she has since posted a different route that avoids Six Nations. “We will be monitoring the situation over the weekend.”
A map outliining a tractor convoy showed a route out of Caledonia down Highway 6 to Fourth Line to Chiefswood Road to Townline and back to Hagersville before hitting Highway 3 and into Delhi. That route has since been removed.

Haldimand County issued a statement Friday after learning of the tractor convoy.
“It has come to the County’s attention that a “Tractor Convoy” from Dunnville to Delhi has been planned for Saturday, February 5, 2022, portions of which are intended to take place on Haldimand County property including at arenas and parks. Please be advised that, due to the nature of the event and the potential it has to cause negative experiences, disruptions and safety concerns for other users of our facilities, Haldimand County does not support the activity, and participating in it may result in police involvement and potential charges under the County’s by-laws.”

A Haldimand Norfolk tractor convoy will now snake around Six Nations after the organizer was warned not to bring it through the community.

The county went on to say they do not support the event despite their logo appearing on tractor convoy marketing materials.
“The inclusion of Haldimand County’s logo in the promotion of the event should in no way give the impression it is supported by the County, as use of the logo without permission is also in contravention of the County’s policies.
Six Nations councillor Helen Miller said she had not been made aware the tractors were planning to travel through Six Nations. “I guess they don’t know they can’t just come through here without permission,” she said. She said she would be contacting both band and police authorities.
Organizer Janelle Meredith posted maps and an itinerary for Saturday to her social media site that she said takes into consideration changes if police choose to detour the procession around construction sites. Meredith did not respond to Turtle Island News requests for comment.
Saturday’s tractor convoy starts at the Dunnville Farmers Market around 10 a.m. and heads to Cayuga on Haldimand Road 3 by way of Selkirk. Other tractors will join Cayuga around noon, the itinerary says, then continue west into Simcoe on Highway 3 through Jarvis.


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