Witness in triple murder trial of three Six Nations people found in contempt of court and jailed

Melissa Miller, Alan Porter and Michael Shane Jamieson were killed in 2018. Their trial begins this week.

Melissa Miller, Alan Porter and Michael Shane Jamieson were killed in 2018. Their trial began this week.

By Victoria Gray


HAMILTON, ONT-Crown witness Kristen Bomberry, testifying in the trial of Thomas Bomberry who is facing two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of three Six Nations people in 2018, has been found in contempt of court and ordered into custody overnight.

Superior Court Justice Andrew Goodman ordered Kristen Bomberry into custody Wednesday, Feb., 16, saying a night in jail may encourage her to have a more forthcoming attitude on Thursday (Feb., 17).

Kirsten Bomberry’s testimony began Monday but she was sent home from the trial on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday she was put in custody for contempt of court after she became combative during cross-examination and repeated that due to post traumatic stress disorder she has no memory.

“Due to post-traumatic stress I’ve blocked it out. I don’t remember anything,” she told the court.

Justice Andrew Goodman found her in contempt after more than three hours of testimony that was met with various forms of “I don’t remember.” The last straw was Kirsten Bomberry saying she didn’t want to be in court.

“I don’t have anything to say about anything. I don’t want to be here. I don’t have anything to say,” Kirsten Bomberry said.

Goodman said this was only the second time in his career he has ordered a witness into lodging for the night and he didn’t take the decision lightly.

As she was lead out of the courtroom she said, “I don’t know what you want from me.”

As Thomas Bomberry’s lawyer, Lindsay Daviau, recounted 39-year-old Kirsten Bomberry’s criminal record asking for confirmation or admission, Kirsten Bomberry repeatedly said, “sure,” “don’t remember,” and “if you say so.”

“My record doesn’t matter to me,” she said. “I don’t even care. Get to the point, man.”

Her record spans 25 years, from 1996, when she was 15, to 2021, and is dotted with theft, assault and drug charges. Kirsten Bomberry said the early offences were her way of escaping sexual abuse at home.

In February 2010 she pleaded guilty to manslaughter and spent six years in prison for stabbing a 25-year-old man in the heart with a kitchen knife in Hamilton.

Goodman admitted the four-hour taped police interview with OPP Det. Const. Jennifer Foley into evidence, wherein Kirsten Bomberry detailed the triple murder of Melissa Trudi Miller, 37, who was seven months pregnant, Alan Grant Porter, 33, and Michael Shane Jamieson, 32, despite Daviau’s concerns about conflicting statements made about injuries and Thomas Bomberry’s involvement.

In the video Kirsten Bomberry was asked about Thomas Bomberry’s role in the murders. Kristen Bomberry said he hit Porter with a baseball bat and on another occasion said it was a lacrosse stick. Daviau said Thomas’ DNA was not found on the handle, only on the netted end, which was consistent with Thomas being hit with it, not hitting someone else. Kirsten Bomberry also said Miller’s throat was slit, but an autopsy report does not corroborate that statement, as well as her statement that Porter was stabbed in the foot during the altercation.

The murders took place in her home and the bodies were found in an abandoned truck on Bodkin Road near London in November 2018.

Kirsten Bomberry admitted to hiding the knife and gun used in the murders, but was acquitted in 2019 of three charges of accessory to murder after her lawyer argued she had assisted in the deaths out of fear.

Daviau asked Kirsten Bomberry if Thomas Bomberry had beaten her badly with a baseball bat and stole drugs prior to the murders, and if she was mad about the beating, if she traded drugs for the knife and gun in case Thomas Bomberry came back.

Kirsten Bomberry said she didn’t remember.

In the video testimony, corroborated by the statement of fact, there were people believed involved in the death of Brantford man Douglas Hill, killed in June, 2017, who had been in the trailer that night, along with Miller, who was Hill’s partner. Three people were arrested in Hill’s death before his remains were found, including three women and a man. Charges were later dropped. Hill’s remains were located near London in August 2017.

On night of the triple homicides, Miller was at Kristen Bomberry’s trailer, as was a woman who had been charged in connection to Hill’s murder. Nicholas Shipman, who was charged as an accessory after the fact in the Hill case, Jamie Beaver (Shipman’s girlfriend) and Vern Shipman (Shipman’s brother) were all at Kirsten Bomberry’s trailer.

In the Statement of facts, Miller was killed first, stabbed by Beaver and then Shipman in the chest. Porter was killed with the same knife and both bodies were wrapped in blankets and transported to a garage on the property. Shipman shot Jamieson with Kirsten Bomberry’s shotgun sometime later.

The trial will reconvene February 17 and Kirsten’s cross-examination is scheduled to continue.

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