Six Nations Development Corp may be changing the way it governs

SIX NATIONS OF THE GRAND RIVER- Six Nations’ economic development arm may be joining Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) in changing the way it governs.

The SNGRDC and SNEC  announced Oct., 27, 2022  the two have agreed to review SNGRD governance and are putting in place a working committee made up of representatives from both SNEC and SNGRDC to review the current structure and where changes may be needed.

The statement said job security will not be affected instead the assessment will focus on how the SNGRDC can change its model to allow it to pursue business opportunities and how surplus profits will be re-invested into the community. It did not expand on what the new business opportunities may be or what changes may be coming to allow surplus profits to be invested into the community.

The announcement comes after SNEC itself has been undergoing a governance review and switch to a new model that has been almost a year in the making. That  model has changed SNEC from a committee based system to a “portfolio” system making individual councillors responsible for various issues and bringing reports and all information back to general council.

In the past committees reviewed information and made recommendations to SNEC. Councillors have already complained the new structure, undergoing a trial study now, has extended council meetings sometimes up to four hours for a single meeting.

SNGRDC’s  three tiered governance model was put in place in 2015. It operates with an Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, and the Economic Development Trust with 15 people on the three boards.

The development corporation oversees SNEC owned businesses and economic agreements including overseeing the community’s green energy investments that SNGRDC says have brought in over $160 million  in Direct Economic Impact” and provided $18M in cash to its Economic Development Trust.

.  In a statement the SNGRDC said after “seven years of success” under its current model,  both SNGRD and SNEC agreed “it is in the best interest of the community and best business practice to review what is working and what can be improved.”

The SNGRDC, in a statement said “the goal is to adjust where needed to enable SNGRDC to achieve its long-term goal of promoting economic self-sufficiency for the Six Nations Community.”

SNEC and SNGRDC hope to launch a new model by April 2023. Six Nations Elected Council is facing re-election in Nov., 2023.

In a statement SNGRDC President/CEO Matt Jamieson said  “We look forward to working with the Elected Council to solidify a new path forward in our relationship. This collaboration will be an exciting opportunity to work together to unlock the full economic potential of our community and empower SNGRDC to continue its pursuit of Autonomy 150 by 2030. We are in the early stages of discussions and are committed to upholding our values of accountability and transparency while we move through this process together.”

SNEC Chief Mark Hill said  “We are pleased to be collaborating with the Development Corporation to assist in their review of their governance structure. The work they have done since 2015 to bring millions of dollars of revenue into the community and to raise Six Nations’ economic profile is to be commended. This restructuring will further enhance the Development Corporation’s business operations and Elected Council looks forward to partnering with SNGRDC for the betterment of our community for many years to come.”

SNGRDC oversees  Six Nations 20 renewable energy projects and numerous economic development opportunities.  Six Nations has involvement in  off-reserve energy projects including seven solar and 13 wind projects. SNGRDC  employs an estimated 140 employees.



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