Brantford Police to get expansion of police station

BRANTFORD, ONT-The City of Brantford has approved at least a $20.6 million increase to the expansion of the existing Brantford Police Services Headquarters.

The city’s council approved the redevelopment and expansion of the Brantford Police Services Headquarters at 348 Elgin Street in January 2021 at an estimated $39 million, and announced the increases on December 21 because of the addition of a third floor and construction inflation.

In 2020 the initial estimate was $57 million, but the council pared it down and approved the project in 2021.

At a meeting on Dec. 19, 2022 members of the Police Station Task Force were given a staff report detailing the project, inflation costs and supply issues that are affecting the original price tag. The city’s statement said “approximately $5.6 million has had to be added to the budget to account for current construction cost inflation rates.”

The third floor addition, furniture requirements, market conditions, construction cost inflation, design and permit fees and initial investments to implement a Net Zero Carbon Design have brought an additional cost of $17,750,351.

However, the statement says that the budget for the reconstruction project will be “fully funded by development charges, not ratepayers. Staff also identified additional efficiencies that will be shared with the Estimates Committee during the 2023 City Budget Process in January 2023.”

Ontario designated Brantford an urban growth centre in the provincial growth plan and the City’s Official Plan accounts for the city’s population to nearly double over the next few decades. The addition of a third floor will ensure the station will be large enough to accommodate for that growth and will extend the life of the building.

“The Police Headquarters building occupancy load has reached its maximum capacity. To accommodate for current capacity needs, expected future growth, and the demand to respond to increasingly complex crimes, a third floor has been added to the redevelopment plan that will also provide crucial capacity for emergency response and recovery planning,” the statement said.

A new conceptual design for the building is underway because since the first one Brantford’s Council declared a Climate Emergency and voted that a net zero carbon building design should be used in all City facility builds going forward.

“Consistent with the City’s Corporate Energy Management Plan (CCAP), and in order to meet the City’s CCAP goals and realize cost efficiencies over the life of the building, the facility will be equipped with green, high efficiency elements throughout,” the statement said.

The new plan includes a highly energy efficient HVAC system to reduce energy consumption which will give the city long-term savings and energy recovery, new exterior LED lighting will be installed with photocells, “which operate the lights based on natural lighting levels and a grid-tied solar system in the form of photovoltaic (PV) panels will be placed on the site and can be monitored through a bi-directional utility metre to keep track of the electricity the solar systems are transferring to the grid.”

The redevelopment project is in the early stages of “value engineering” and staff are constantly looking for the best price.

“Given the vital services that Brantford Police Services provide, it is imperative that BPS is provided the necessary tools, space and environment to protect the health and safety of citizens and visitors and best serve our community,” the statement said.


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