The Feather Report

Above: Downy Woodpecker feathers

“Style is the feather in the arrow, not the feather in the cap.” George Sampson What Are Feathers All About? By Rachel A. Powless Feather Reporter Photos by Carl Pascoe & Rachel A. Powless The feather is defined as; n. keratinous (protein) outgrowths from the skin of birds, used for insulation, flight, camouflage, attraction, and identification. In humans, keratin is a protein that helps form hair, nails & the outer layer of skin. When Carl and I began our journey into the scientific process of bird banding, I was stunned at the beauty of birds up-close. Feathers are an evolutionary marvel: functional, aerodynamic, and fascinating. I was both privileged and grateful to become part of an undertaking which allowed me to spend time in our woodlands where my heart is…

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