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Canada’s fastest growing national aboriginal newspaper! Reaching your target market, effectively and efficiently

John Pace – National Accounts

Darren Doxtator – Local Accounts


Advertise in:

Six Nations, Caledonia, Hagersville,
Ancaster/Hamilton regions
Advertising and marketing specials:
Seasonal Home Improvements
Seasonal, Car Care
Seasonal, Bridal Guide
Aboriginal Golf Magazine

What we do

National, Regional and Local advertising
and marketing Magazines:
Aboriginal Business,
Aboriginal Tourism
and Powwow Guide,
Aborignal Golf
Choices Education
Printing flyers, periodicals, newsletters,
phamplets, booklets, business cards, letterhead, etc.,
Corporate imaging.
Corporate videos and promotional materials


Advertising Schedule

Covers available monthly or quarterly basis. See our sales agents for details.

Website and Daily Newswire:
Space is available on either of our digital media. Contact our sales agents for details regarding digital marketing rates.


Flyer inserts per Thousand

1 per year $65
12 per year $60
2 per year $55

Customer supplied inserts; subject to additional mailing costs.

Mechanical Requirements

Weekly Tabloid Newspaper (6 column) Tabloid
1 col = 1.6″
2 col = 3.3″
3 col = 5.042″
4 col = 6.778″
5 col = 8.514″
6 col = 10.25″
Page With: 10.25″ Page Depth: 11.75″

Based on Canadian Newspaper Unit (CNU) standarts


Booking & Material – 1 Week Prior to publication

Turtle Island News Publishes Every Wednesday

Fees will be asessed for cancellations made after booking deadline!

An Ideal Way to Reach Canada’s First Nations audience.

Turtle Island News’ audience consists of Canada’s grassroots First Nations people, in addition to the most influential and affluent citizens–readers who want to know what is happening in First Nations communities who depend on our timely, balanced reporting and analysis to form their own opinions.

When you advertise in Turtle Island News, our magazines or our website, your message reaches Canada’s First Nations communities, citizens, their leaders and those individuals who lead or intend to lead in politics, business, the workplace or the home. More importantly, Turtle Island News readers have the purchasing power–both personal and corporate–to make your products and messages an important part of their lives.

Turtle Island News Brand Let our brand work for yours

Canada’s leading National Native Newspaper.

Publishers of the award winning Turtle Island News, a national native weekly newspaper that is available in every aboriginal community in Canada, and in many First Nations communities we are the only newspaper they receive every week.

Our newspaper focuses on news and features about First Nations people and the issues that affect them. We are the largest First Nations newspaper in Canada and the market leader in our communities.

Advertisers seeking to reach First Nations markets and Canadians interested in aboriginal issues need to be in our national newspaper.

Regional and local markets are easily targeted. See our sales manager for details.

In addition we publish several high quality magazines, led by Canada’s most read aboriginal business magazine–Aboriginal Business.

Our readers have made us a News Brand and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We are grateful that both readers and advertisers assign such importance to us in the Canadian Aboriginal media marketplace.

As a result, we are committed to creating the native news organization for the 21st Century, that will be built on that trust with authoritative content, and products that are relevant, meaningful and engaging to Aboriginal Canada’s First Nations communities and as well as the countries most educated, affluent and influential consumers.

We appreciate the loyalty that our customers have shown us.

This web site is designed to help you learn how to make our Brand work for you

We realize advertisers are faced daily with decisions affecting the allocation of their advertising dollar. We realize those decisions are made based on the needs of each Brand. To us, advertising is an art and our designers work with our clients so that your brand becomes a household name to our audience.

It is the mark our readers give us that brings success to our clients. That comes from…

Credibility: Associating your Brand with ours borrows some of the credibility that our editors and journalists have brought to the aboriginal news market. Simply put, a Brand’s message is much more believable just because it appears in our products.

Audience: Our audience includes First Nations people, Canada’s leaders and aboriginal political leadership–the people whose opinions influence others. Your message is reinforced by real life opinion-makers who purchase your Brand as a result of your ads appearing with us.

Advertisers: Your Brand is associated with all the quality Brands that advertise in our products. Your Brand acquires status from the company that it keeps in our pages.

Word-of-Mouth: Each week we hear someone say “I read in The Turtle Island News …” our readers are more likely to express their opinion on your products. You acquire a large word-of-mouth sales force each time you advertise with us.

Disposable Income: Our audience is made up of a wide range of income earners that includes families with large disposable incomes and while they are great savers and investors, they are not afraid to spend on the things they want. And, their wants are created by your Brand’s ads in our products.

Developing Strong, Collaborative Relationships
Turtle Island News works hard to consistently support your business by consistently providing an unique and compelling advertising environment for you to position your Brand in the most effective manner.

Our mission is to be “Essential for Advertisers”.
To do that we must be part of your team. Our Advertising Department is there to support your rep with specialized expertise and experience in all areas of marketing and communications in the aboriginal market.

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