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If you think you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has it, use this self-assessment to help determine how to seek further care.

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National News

Labrador youth with collapsed lung told to travel long distance to hospital 

By Evan Careen  Local Journalism Initiative Reporter A Labrador family wants answers about why a 15-year-old with a collapsed lung had to be driven to a hospital 40 kilometres away rather than waiting for an ambulance. Peter Penashue of Sheshatshiu took to social media on Tuesday to express his concern over what happened when his 15-year-old grandson, Meshkuss, was rushed to the Mani Ashini Community Clinic in the Innu community. Penashue, a former MP, said his grandson was walking home…

COVID-19 News

COVID 19 numbers remain high, another person passes

COVID-19 continues to rage through the community with deadly consequences. Another community member has passed away due to complications with COVID-19 on April 29. That brings the total number of deaths in the community to 11. One person remains in hospital. Elected Chief Mark Hill told the community on April 30 that there were 29 active cases and more than 50 per cent of those cases are coming back positive for a variant of concern. “These variants of concern spread…


The crisis before the pandemic

The image haunts us. Red dresses flapping in the breeze, the numbers perplex us and the…

Natives Have the Highest Rate of Death by Cops

Be COVID Smart!

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Weekly Cartoon

Weekly Cartoon

Weekly Cartoon

Special Reports

Black Walnuts Foraged Food Security

By Terrylynn Brant Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens Black Walnuts have been a traditional foraged food source among the Haudenosaunee for centuries. Today, with food security on everyone’s mind we are seeing a renewed interest in these majestic nut trees across our territories. Store bought walnuts are English or California Walnuts. They are grown in managed orchards and have a milder taste. They originated in Persia, growing in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and later developed by the Greeks. Franciscan Monks brought them to California in the 18th century. The bolder, earthier…

Sustainable Communities Save Seeds!

Special Section: A Community in Transition

Press Releases

City launches Digital Service Squad to help small businesses adopt online technologies

Brantford, ON – In partnership with the Downtown Brantford BIA, the Brantford-Brant Business Resource Enterprise Centre…

New First Nations Report Details Groundbreaking Dialogue around Native Stewardship of Lands, Natural Resources and Sacred Sites

Statement by Minister Wilson-Raybould on the accomplishments of 2016

World News

Biden: ‘We can’t wait any longer’ to address climate crisis 

By Matthew Daly And Ellen Knickmeyer THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON- In the most ambitious U.S. effort…

Turtle Island News Audio Files

The Hydro One Annual Shareholder Meeting was held on May 15, 2018.

The entire audio file can be downloaded or listened to at https://www.hydroone.com/about/corporate-information/governance/annual-shareholder-meeting-materials.

This is an excerpt from the meeting during the question and answer period where Elected Chief Ava Hill, Ron Jamieson and Matt Jamieson make comments and/or ask questions.

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