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This is a column where readers are encouraged to ask questions about birds-in-general, back yard birds/birding, bird feeding, bird health, bird banding, bird migration, bird ecology etc. So, let’s get started with some questions. 2021 July Red-winged Blackbirds The Feather Report By Rachel A. Powless The Red-winged Blackbird “We are nature. We are nature seeing nature. The Red-winged Blackbird flies in us.”  Susan Griffin, Philosopher, Playwright, Essayist I have had a long-standing affection for the Red-winged Blackbird since childhood.  This bird introduced me to my Mohawk Heritage in some very subtle ways. When my bird observation skills strengthened, it fueled my desire to find different habitats where birds of a different feather may live & thrive.  Remember, all those that wander may not be lost.  As a youth I found a…

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