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California college moves ‘Prospector Pete’ statue from plaza

LONG BEACH, Calif.- California State University, Long Beach, will move its half-century-old “Prospector Pete” statue away from a prominent place on campus because of the impact the 1849 gold rush had on indigenous people. A statement on the university website said the gold rush was “a time in history when the indigenous peoples of California endured subjugation, violence and threats of genocide.” According to the university, the bronze statue formally named “The Forty-Niner Man” evolved from the creation of the…

Six Nations News

Seven Ontario First Nations settle $1.1 billion Williams Treaty

By Lynda Powless Editor Ninety-five years after the Williams Treaties were sign seven Ontario First Nations will be…


HCCC, needs to bring people on board

It isn’t easy building a nation. But it is even more difficult to re-build. It has…

Letters: Mens’ Fire origins to changes

Indigenous rights, on Ottawa terms

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Weekly Cartoon

Weekly Cartoon

Special Reports

Six Nations Band Council costs skyrocket to $789,505

Six Nations Band Council is made up of one full time Chief and 12 part-time councillors.Councillors are elected in six districts, two to a district for a population of almost 30,000. Totals- Elected Chief & Councillor honoraria $564,562 • Travel expenses $$175,466 • Travel honorarium- $30,975 • Life and Health $25,569 The current Elected Chief and Band Council are now the highest costing council on record with costs soaring to over $789,505 compared to a year ago when costs hit a then record $716,000, an $73,505 increase in one year.…

Six Nations Band relying on own source revenue to stay afloat

Special Section: A Community in Transition

Press Releases

Statement by Minister Wilson-Raybould on the accomplishments of 2016

December 22, 2016 – Ottawa, ON – Department of Justice Canada The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister…

Canada Supports the Indigenous Tourism Industry


Turtle Island News Audio Files

The Hydro One Annual Shareholder Meeting was held on May 15, 2018.

The entire audio file can be downloaded or listened to at https://www.hydroone.com/about/corporate-information/governance/annual-shareholder-meeting-materials.

This is an excerpt from the meeting during the question and answer period where Elected Chief Ava Hill, Ron Jamieson and Matt Jamieson make comments and/or ask questions.

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World News

Toronto police warn citizens about alleged series of ‘distraction thefts’ of jewelry

Toronto police say they’re investigating several alleged “distraction thefts” of jewelry from senior citizens in the north end of the city. They say an unknown driver and two women have allegedly been approaching seniors on the street in residential neighbourhoods. Investigators say the two women then place jewellery on the victim, removing their existing jewelry in the process. They say in some cases, one woman will embrace the victim and remove the jewelry. Police say that if the victim realizes…

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