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Mother of Six Nations girl with cancer speaks out

A Six Nations girl is under the primary care of  these three women who are helping her in her cancer battle. Alva Jamieson (left) is a traditional healer, Dr Karen Hill and Denise Maclean  provides raw foods and juices. (Photo by Donna Duric)
A Six Nations girl is under the primary care of these three women who are helping her in her cancer battle. Alva Jamieson (left) is a traditional healer, Dr Karen Hill and Denise Maclean provides raw foods and juices. (Photo by Donna Duric)

“I was prepared to become a fugitive and run with my daughter.”

That’s how far a Six Nations mother was willing to go out of fear a court would order her daughter be seized after she was pulled out of chemotherapy this past summer in favour of alternative treatments for cancer.

“I lived in fear of losing her for so long. I was prepared to do anything to keep her. I had no fear of becoming a fugitive. I was going to run with her.”

The mother and daughter, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, were celebrating a court victory with about 100 community members at Polytechnic Sunday after a Brantford judge decided last week the girl was not a child in need of protection.

The mother spoke publicly Sunday evening for the first time about the harrowing journey she and her family have been on since her daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

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Six Nations gaming funds continue to help pay off climbing band deficits

MAA Minister, David Zimmer (left), Aaron Detlor (right)

Six Nations Band council has used almost $3 million of the community’s over $7 million in gaming funds to pay off band department deficits .

Six Nations received a total of $7,614,465 in gaming funds for the 2013-2014 audit year and spent over $5 million of that on band council projects and deficits.

Council spent $2,700,000 paying down band department deficits in 2013-2014.

Six Nations is now receiving more funding from Ontario than Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada. The band received only $44,826,534 in federal and provincial funds for the 2013-2014 year breaking down to $20,496,516 from Ontario and $24,330,018 from federal coffers.

But the band spent $72,068,129; that’s $27 million more in expenses than they were able to pay with government funds.

Two Row Times facing almost $500,000 lawsuit, allegations of fraud in "partnership" dispute

A legal battle citing allegations of fraud and misappropriation of funds totalling almost half a million dollars is surrounding a partnership dispute at an area publication.

The Two Row Times and individuals believed to be partners, or who hold an interest of some type in the business, Jonathon Garlow, Tom Keefer, Chris Keefer, Jim Windle, David Laforce and Marshall Lank have been cited in a statement of claim filed by Kelly MacNaughton of Six Nations, who is seeking the repayment of loans of $180,000 after she says she was forced out of the business where she says she had an interest in and worked in marketing this past summer.

In addition she is seeking $163,000 in general damages for breach of fiduciary duties and constructive dismissal.

The action filed in Ontario Superior Court orders the defendants to disclose the status of all projects and potential projects the publication is involved in and complete and full access to all financial books and receipts.

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Local News Headlines

Local News

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Sun shines on Six Nations Santa Claus Parade

It’s all about Christmas wishes and not just your two front teeth! Characters paraded down Chiefswoods Road for the parade. (Photo by Jim C Powless)
It’s all about Christmas wishes and not just your two front teeth! Characters paraded down Chiefswoods Road for the parade. (Photo by Jim C Powless)

Santa Claus made sure he visited Six Nations right before the snow hit southern Ontario.

The sun was shining and only a light sprinkling of snow dusted the ground during the community’s 24th annual Santa Claus Parade in the village of Ohsweken Saturday.

Dozens of colourful and sparkling floats lit up Chiefswood Road Saturday accompanied by cheery Christmas tunes, putting everyone in that jolly Christmas mood.

Six Nations Health Services wowed the crowd with its ethereal silver and white float graced by the Queen of Christmas, Six Nations Health Services Director Lori Davis-Hill.

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Sports News

Sports Headlines

Six Nations Midget Rep

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Lynda Powless, Editor

What would you do to protect your child

A Six Nations girl battling cancer has won one fight. Her fight to stay home. The bizarre court action launched by McMaster Children’s Hospital seeking to force the Brant County Family and Children’s Services to remove an 11 year old girl from her very loving and caring family and force chemotherapy on the child smacks not only as Dr Dawn Martin Hill told us of residential school mentality but has created a massive breach of trust between the hospital and Six Nations. A breach that may not be easy to overcome. The girl and her mother won that battle. She gets to stay at home. Her family has chosen to use traditional medicines and holistic practices to combat the cancer that has invaded her body. And for their choice, they are still being vilified. National mainstream newspapers are carrying horrendous columns and editorials citing that aboriginal people have won the right to kill their children, says the Toronto Star . Or the Globe and Mail who have interpreted the judge’s ruling in denying McMaster its attempt to force the CAS to remove the girl as allowing an aboriginal girl to die in defense of aboriginal rights. Nothing could be further from the fact. The court win was a win for life. For parents to use whatever health or medicinal practices are available to save their child’s life. Since when is a parent’s gut wrenching quest to save their child’s life a ticket for mainstream media to accuse them of killing their child. At no time had the girl’s mother ever turned down chemotherapy, a fact the mainstream neglected to mention in their quest to condemn the mother and complete nations of aboriginal people. In fact she has said she plans to try everything she can to save her daughter and has not ruled out chemotherapy despite the fact that studies have shown aboriginal children do not do well under chemotherapy. The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post and area regional papers that carried their editorials owe an apology to the Six Nations mother who is doing what every single one of us would do if our child was in danger. Everything we could to save them. And that includes traditional Haudenosaunee medicines that while western medicine has not been exposed to them does not make them wrong or evil. It makes them protected from huge pharmaceutical corporations that have turned willow bark tea into a multi billion dollar aspirin industry. What happened in a Brantford courtroom was a judge had the courage to see the future, to take into consideration rights of parents, of First Nations and Canada’s constitutional responsibility and declare for the world to see that just because it’s different doesn’t make it wrong. Congratulations to our local family and may the Creator watch over you.

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Hodenushonnees Notice

Hodenushonnees Notice

Daily Newsblast

Hodenushonnees Notice

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