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Pipe bomb scare at local restaurant shuts down village

Pipe bomb scare at local restaurant shuts down village

Six Nations Police are investigating a pipe bomb scare that shut down a portion of Ohsweken for more than five hours Thursday before an OPP bomb squad determined it was fake.

Six Nations Police, Six Nations Fire, and an OPP bomb squad from London responded to a pipe bomb scare at the Village Cafe restaurant Thursday around 1:20 pm.

Police evacuated a large portion of Ohsweken as emergency personnel worked to secure the area and investigate the suspicious package left on the front porch of the restaurant.

The Turtle Island News was first on the scene and received over 7,000 views and shares on social media as we worked to update our readers across the country throughout the day about the events as they were unfolding.

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Mother already at border when made aware of court order

Andy Koster
Andy Koster

BRANTFORD - A Six Nations mother was already at the border on her way to Florida to treat her cancer-stricken daughter with alternative medicine when she received notification a local judge wanted her to stay in Ontario.

Testimony wrapped up last Wednesday in the case of McMaster Children’s Hospital seeking a court order to force child services to seize a Six Nations girl and return her to chemotherapy.

Testimony suggested the Six Nations mother ignored a court order to remain in the area. The mother was leaving for Florida to help her 11-year-old girl fight leukemia at an alternative treatment centre in Florida.

The court heard a local judge ordered the girl and her mother remain in the area on Sept. 17 but the family had left for Florida on Sept. 18.

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Six Nations businesses hit by robber and breakins

Gail Gabriel got into a fight with the robber and suffered various bruises (Submitted photo) (left); Gail Gabriel points to where a shotgun blast went by her Friday night (Photo by Donna Duric) (right)
Gail Gabriel got into a fight with the robber and suffered various bruises (Submitted photo) (left); Gail Gabriel points to where a shotgun blast went by her Friday night (Photo by Donna Duric) (right)

One local woman is counting her blessings after the shop she was working in was hit by an armed robber who entered the shop and fired off a gun Friday night.

It was one of two local businesses hit by a robbery and break-in over the holiday weekend.

Gail Gabriel was the only employee working at JP’s Dirt Road Smokes at the corner of Chiefswood Road and Sixth Line Road when a man entered the store around 7:30 p.m. Friday night.

She had just finished putting away products in the back room when she encountered a man pointing a shotgun at her.

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Missing and murdered indigenous women - men must keep women safe

Lance Logan Keye spoke about men’s responsiblities at the recent Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women gathering at Veteran’s Park. (Photo by Jim C Powless)
Lance Logan Keye spoke about men’s responsiblities at the recent Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women gathering at Veteran’s Park. (Photo by Jim C Powless)

Traditionally, men and women were never seen as separate and opposites, says counselor and cultural advisor Lance Logan Keye.

“That’s something that was imposed upon us (the separation of men and women); this idea of opposite; this idea of men versus women, cause culturally, that’s not who we are,” said Keye, one of the speakers at a memorial for missing and murdered indigenous last week on Six Nations. “We’re always together.”

“But when it comes to responsibility,” he says, “we have what’s called ‘complementary responsibilities.’ As men, part of our responsibility is to make sure we provide a safe space for our women because women - one of their main jobs - is they raise our children. When you look at our culture, that’s the centre of our culture, is our women. They’re the ones who give birth to (our children), they’re the ones who carry them for nine months, they’re the ones who nurture them for that first little while when they’re very, very helpless. Our job as men is to ensure that the space is there for them to be able to do that in a good way, in a safe way.”

Because of colonization, he said, “A lot of that was taken away from our men - being responsible. We need to recapture that. Some of us still do it in the best way we can but we need to have more of it, where our men take up that role of being protectors. We have to be able to prop up our men again, not just to tell them they’ve got to be responsible, but make them feel proud of being able to do that; to provide a safe space for our women.”

Keye has spent 22 years as a counselor and has worked with a number of men in the Six Nations community.

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Patrick Brazeau ordered to rehab for two months

Patrick Brazeau
Patrick Brazeau

OTTAWA - A Quebec court has ordered suspended senator Patrick Brazeau to go to rehab for two months after he was arrested Monday for allegedly being drunk behind the wheel of a parked car with a knife in the vehicle.

Crown attorney Sylvain Petitclerc says Brazeau will be released Wednesday into the care of a rehabilitation facility in Sherbrooke, Que.

Brazeau faces three charges - two related to being behind the wheel of a car while impaired, and a third for possessing a weapon in breach of his bail conditions.

Petitclerc says he’ll remain in rehab until Dec. 8, the date of his next court appearance on the latest charges, but his therapy may continue for up to two years.

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Bill C-10 passes Third Reading in Senate, Royal Assent coming

Bill C-10, Ottawa’s controversial “Tackling Contraband Tobacco Act” made it past third reading in the Senate last week despite an attempt by two Senators to hold consultation with First Nations before it became law.

Liberal Senators Jane Cordy (Nova Scotia) and Larry Campbell (B.C.) introduced an amedment after second reading demanding consultation take place with First Nations people on the impacts of Bill C-10 before the bill became law.

The amendment was defeated last Wednesday and the bill passed Third Reading.

Iroquois Caucus spokesperson Kahnawake Chief Gina Deer said she was happy that at least two Senators got the message aboriginal people who appeared before the Senator Hearings two weeks ago were relaying.

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Lynda Powless, Editor

Six Nations emergency personnel did their job...

Last Thursday Six Nations was thrown in near chaos when a report of a potential bomb on the porch of a local restaurant went out.
Emergency personnel did their job.
Evacuating anyone in the danger zone.
Closing down Fourth Line at Chiefswood and Tuscarora.
And calling in the OPP’s bomb squad.
A white plastic bag was found on the porch and inside was what looked very much like a pipe bomb.
Six Nations sgt Arnold Jacobs reacted in exactly the fashion we all hoped our police would react if such an emergency occurred.
He got our people out of the area to safety and called in the troops.
Within minutes, and it was minutes. Turtle Island News was on the scene in less than five minutes watching as police began shutting down roadways and fire officials arrived to position themselves in the event of an explosion and fire to be ready to contain any blaze.
And they waited.
Almost four hours later the OPP bomb squad from London, Ontario showed up.
Almost four hours later!
Now granted the bomb squad has its priorities but four hours. A quick scan of news of the day shows they were no other bomb-like situations from London to Hamilton.
Because of the distance one expects an hour delay, but the amount of time lost is unacceptable in a situation that fortunately resulted in the discovery that it was not a bomb but a device created to resemble a pipe bomb.
Six Nations Police Chief Glenn Lickers needs to look into the OPP time delay that could have seen disasterous results and frankly let the community know why it happened, and what he as police chief is doing to ensure that kind of huge time lag doesn’t happen again.
Of course no one wants to see that kind of violence happen again here at Six Nations and everyone is wondering at what brought it here this time.
Six Nations has not seen that kind of violence and in recent years has seen an increase in robberies due to the increased tobacco trade success but an actual “bomb” left on a porch. No. Not here and hopefully not again.
But what Six Nations can be grateful for is Emergency personnel shone in a situation that left the community in shock, frightened and worried about what it all meant.
Six Nations Police, fire, public works and ambulance personnel responded quickly, acted in an impressively professional manner and did what they are entrusted to do.
They took care of us. For that we have to say Nia:weh to them all.

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Hodenushonnees Notice

Hodenushonnees Notice

Daily Newsblast

Hodenushonnees Notice

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